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Hello and welcome!  I'm Jim Fogle.  As fogle622 I enjoy my hobby of creating home recordings.  This space is where I hope to share my passion with you.


Above are photos of hardware and software based digital audio workstations, or DAWs.  DAWs are revolutionary tools that are the heart and soul of modern audio production.  DAWs replace racks of professional equipment that cost tens of thousands of dollars with hardware or software any consumer can purchase at reasonable prices.  What used to be a hobby or profession only available to a select few is now available to that is interested, in other words, anyone.


While equipment cost is no longer a barrier, audio production still requires skill development and creativity.  The audio revolution is comparable to the photography revolution of the 1970's.  Everyone can afford to play but talent and desire are needed for growth and proficency.


The orange menu bar across the top presently has few selections at this time.  Additional pages are under construction and will become live as they are completed.  Look around, have fun and enjoy!

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